Thursday, February 26, 2015
It's Snowing Diamonds

This morning, the sun broke through the lingering clouds and shattered the rain of tiny snowflakes into diamond dust.

I love when that happens.

The R.C. is taking her second snow day this week today. It's not that we've gotten a lot of accumulation as much as, unusually for us, very wet snow, and the subzero temperatures mean a lot of ice on the roads.

Another storm is supposed to move in this afternoon.

These days, I'm playing with the slow cooker Santa brought me. Yesterday, I made corn chowder. Mmmm. (Although the recipe didn't call for it, I did put in a bit of chicken, for protein, and a tablespoon or so of bacon crumbles because--bacon. Mmmm.)

This is probably the most successful dish I've made so far. I've tried a couple of spaghetti sauce recipes but neither of those turned out to be anything special. They were--edible.

Not that it matters. Stepping on the scale a couple of weeks ago, I came to the painful realization that it's time and past time I started taking some of this excess weight back off. I'm down two pounds so far is all, but I'm working on it. 13 to go.

Hmmm. What else?

How about the work front?

Since I last rambled, I picked up a very annoying new agency. They handed me two tiny accounts--accounts previously mismanaged into oblivion, a fact they didn't disclose up front--and instantly started sucking up enough of my time (200+ email in 90 days!) to make it impossible for me to focus on anything else. Good grief.

At the end of January, I fired them.

They declined to depart.

Last week, they emailed that they had decided my work was sub-par and were leaving.


It's interesting how that happens--many clients refuse to be fired. Once I suggest to them (with more or less tact, depending on just how annoying they've been) that it's time for them to move on, many of them refuse to take the sledgehammer hint. And then, a short time later, just long enough to make it seem like they are acting independently, they announce their departure.

Me, mostly I don't care who gets to make the decision. If they want to feel like it's their choice, that's fine. As long as they go away, you know? But this one was sort of amusing because they sent me an email pointing out, in fake shock, that results were simply not what they were looking for.

My days are brighter when I wake up and realize that I won't be hearing from them any more. :)

I already had two other new accounts waiting in the wings but, on the down side, I launched the new initiatives last week and am now staring at them in concern--watching as nothing happens. This is a new experience for me. I build, I load, things happen. I can't quite figure out what's wrong, although I strongly suspect the clients' predictable demand for low costs. It's--a challenge.

Really, aside from work, all I do is play computer or Nintendo games, watch a bit of television, do some knitting or crocheting (a hobby I fall back on when I need to keep my hands too busy to eat with), go for daily walks, etc.

Quiet. Reasonably peaceful.

Not a bad life at all.


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