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September 24, 2014

Okay, world, calm down

Things are humming along here chez moi.

Got the big new account up and running. (It is, predictably, a nightmare to manage, so I'm having fun.)

The second new account, a sort of medium one, should be live by the end of this month. After waiting 2 months for the client to provide me with some text I needed, I did a swap with Gidget and she's writing the text for me in trade for some work I did on an account she took on (but doesn't know how to handle).

Picked up another small new account last week, I need to do some work on that one today so I can bill for it this month. Another small one from the same agency won't be coming online until next month, which gives me a bit of breathing room there.

Today a contact contacted me with two more referrals. I haven't talked to either of them yet but one of them should be decently medium-sized.

Feast or famine, that's my life. If this keeps up, I'll have to go back to working an 8-hour day at least a few days a week. :)

I'm not complaining (well, not really) because my finances can use the boost right now but as I'm sure y'all remember, I didn't become self-employed for the pleasure of working hard a lot of the time.

The Unsavory Skin Condition continues to annoy. It's a lot better, but there's a large gap between "better" and "no longer an issue." My research on the topic confirms that this is less an "outbreak" than the opening movement of a life-long condition. The best I can hope for (and I do hope) is for it all to go into remission--something some lucky sufferers see for months or years at a time.

In the meantime, I itch.

Although "itch"is a small and simple word. It completely fails to convey the magnitude of the situation. (I am so over this entire adventure.)

After an uncharacteristically cool and rainy summer, we're having a warm and rainy autumn so far. Temperatures are supposed to hit 90 by Friday. If this moisture level continues into the winter, it will be one of those years I'll be grateful for my six-step commute.

Today, my biggest excitement may come when I walk across the street to see if my hairdresser can fit me in for a cut. My scalp hasn't been healthy enough to get my hair cut in four months. There are no words for how excited I am about the thought of getting all this mess out of my eyes! I still can't get it dyed--I have (slim) hopes for next month, before I travel, but not looking at the world through a hank of hair will be a huge improvement.

In other words, things seem to be settling down around here. I am--so grateful at the prospect of returning to my uneventful, routine, placid existence. You have no idea.

Hope any excitement in your lives is more fun than frustrating!

posted by AnneZook on 09.24.14 at 10:57 AM


"Today is the birthday of the world"...

AKA, it's Rosh Hashanah and I'm decidedly not ready for ten days of spiritual reflection. I think my soul might be better served by spending the time grading, but it's not really optional at this point.

Got the crown finished yesterday, and it's finally feeling like it actually worked. Now we're deep in the middle of Bar Mitzvah planning and really, really not ready for this non-optional event.

Happy New Year!

posted by: Jonathan Dresner on 09.24.14 at 03:26 PM [permalink]

Happy New Year!

Sometimes spiritual calm comes from doing non-spiritual activities but, as you say, for this holiday, you don't really have the option.

Remind yourself that stepping outside your daily rounds-from the important and even the *immediate* tasks is sometimes the most important thing you can do.

(P.S. Crowns? I only wish.... For me, they're talking pricey implants.)

posted by: Anne on 09.24.14 at 04:11 PM [permalink]

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