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July 02, 2014

I've Been Keeping Myself Amused.

I travel. I took a Familial Visit to Kansas in April, on the occasion of my oldest niece's wedding.

Two weeks later, there was a visit to my Wisconsin friends, to meet the baby goats, help weed the garlic, and plant asparagus.

Then home, where I fired three clients, started the process of getting a new one through the decision process, and celebrated the unusual (for me) occurrence of traveling without picking up any kind of traveling germs and winding up sick.

I watch DVDs. This past weekend, I checked out and watched the first two movies of The Librarian series. Currently have the third one on request. Certainly worth the viewing if you like light-hearted and amusing, which I do. Also, the movies steal from everyone from Indiana Jones to Harry Potter to The Mummy and beyond. I can see spotting the various thefts as a good drinking game. The wiki entry says it's been green-lighted for 10 episodes of a television series. Although it's all-new characters, how can you not love a series that's centered around a library? I plan to give it a try, if it actually airs.

I read books. I just finished Kevin Hearne's Shattered, the latest Iron Druid novel. Excellent, as always.

(I should mention that, reading these on the Kindle, I'd never really seen the covers that the website displays before. They don't really "fit" my image of the books.)

I tried and failed to enjoy Terry Brooks' Magic Kingdom series. Reading the first couple reminded me of why I gave up on the Shannara series so many years ago. When Brooks starts writing a book, he has one story to tell and that's all. He tells it in the most linear fashion possible, then stops. No nuance, no intertwining plots, nothing interesting in the way of character development, no surprises. Boring.

I cook. I tried a Leek and Potato soup a week or so ago. I froze it in serving-size portions and I'm still eating it. Mmm. Nothing could be simpler or more delicious. Next time I may add some chunks of ham or maybe some bacon bits, just to see what it does to the flavor. It's delicious now, but I'd like a bit of protein in it. (Also, adding bacon is always to the good.)

I visit dentists. Blech. About a week ago, I woke up with half my face all swollen. I've been on antibiotics for the last seven days and today I'm scheduled to go in and get four teeth extracted on the top left. And then the lovely expense of a denture-device (since I can't afford the $5k-a-tooth permanent implant route).

I'm currently debating whether or not it's worth the expense to pay for a temporary device to carry me through the six-week healing period before I can get the permanent one. $760 seems like a lot to pay for six weeks of vanity. On the other hand, even though I spend most of my time home alone, the idea that I'd be afraid to open my mouth for fear of looking like hillbilly white trash for six weeks--I dunno. Considering I have another extraction needed (lower right), I might be better off saving the $760 to help pay for it, you know? I just can't decide.

That's what I've done recently.

posted by AnneZook on 07.02.14 at 08:09 AM


Just got back Tuesday from a 5100+ mile round trip conference/family vacation: Bellingham, WA; Yellowstone; Crazy Horse/Mt. Rushmore; Wall Drug/Badlands; various etcs.

Not sure it was a *good* idea, but it was fun. Now I have to get some work done...

posted by: Jonathan Dresner on 07.03.14 at 07:03 PM [permalink]

Okay, yeah, I'm not sure it was a *good* idea. Sounds exhausting. :)

But I'm glad you had fun!

posted by: Anne on 07.05.14 at 07:57 AM [permalink]

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