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April 09, 2014

Sorry, I don't get out much

I really don't, but it's only Wednesday and so far I've been out twice this week!

I had lunch with some ex-coworkers on Monday and had to drive to Boulder for a semi-work thing yesterday, after which I took myself out to lunch again. Saffron Chicken on Monday and Mongolian Chicken yesterday. Mmmm. (Yes, all the people I saw were nice and I had great conversations with all of them, but the food is what I'm fixating on.)

I do not know what is this thing "Winter Soldier" that so many people I know are talking about but I also do not know what is this thing "Game of Thrones" that most of the rest of the world is talking about, so I'm equally ignorant in all areas of my life. Whatever. Contemporary culture has never been my area of expertise or high interest.

I finished a 7-book series that I actually really liked on the Kindle last week. I immediately started over, reading through all seven books but cherry-picking only the scenes I wanted to revisit. It was advertised as steampunk, which isn't something I'm deeply interested in, but it also came highly recommended and the first three books in the series were on special for $0.99, so I took a chance. It's not actually steampunk, just more-or-less standard fantasy, and it's not phenomenal, the writer's world-building was sketchy. but it's pretty darned good. Good enough that I was more than willing to pay "full" price for the next four books, which is saying quite a

Work has been--hectic. Saturday, I got up and worked, stopped for lunch, then came back and worked the rest of the day. Sunday, I--just worked.

Part of it was because I knew I'd be offline for a few hours on Monday and Tuesday and I didn't want to fall behind, but not all of it. The rest of it is my own fault. I accepted too many new accounts at once. For one of them, I knew from the start that I probably wouldn't be able to provide success. I'm still struggling, but I may cut them loose soon.

And I have a paid consult scheduled for tomorrow afternoon that I need to go get ready for. Busy, busy, busy.

Mother's Little Helpers are all chatting back & forth via email today, about how the forum isn't accessible. It's--distracting. Some days, my brain is all-too willing to be distracted from doing productive work.

There's an event being held and I had to choose between attending the UK version and the US version. I wanted to go to the UK but even with someone else paying for the trip, that kind of travel can be expensive, and I'm already committed to two trips this spring (family, friends). It amazes me how much I spend, even when someone else is picking up airfare, hotels, & meals, you know? And with exchange rates? Expensive.

Still. London. Sigh. I love London.

I'm a little bitter, yes.


P.S. The client call I thought I'd double-scheduled? Was actually scheduled for today, not yesterday, in spite of the calendar reminder for Tuesday. And yesterday, they rescheduled it to next week, instead.

I can't believe they don't understand why I can never figure out when these calls are supposed to take place.

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