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December 13, 2013

Drama-free Zone


Task: Pay a stranger thousands of dollars to point a dangerous laser at me and carve up my eyes.


I don't know what my vision is going to be like eventually (your eyesight "bounces around" for a few months) but right now, it's not bad. I can see clearly--across the room, across the street, down the street, etc. I can't see a computer screen clearly without 2x reading glasses--a much stronger lens than I've ever needed before, but early reports seem confident that this is a short-term issue.

I paid a small fortune for my last pair of glasses and never really liked them. But now--it's been months and months since I've seen myself without glasses and I'm weirded out by how I look. (When did my eyes get so small? Have I always had beady eyes?)

The diet, of course, went by the wayside this week. For no good reason than I felt like indulging myself. That stops this weekend--next week I'm back at it. I certainly can't afford to have these tiny little eyes lost in a sea of fat. (By which I mean I still have 10 lbs to lose.) (So, no drama, but maybe a bit of melodrama.)

I haven't put any weight back on, I just haven't been trying to lose any over the last five days. Feeling sympathetic for myself is not, I think, a really good reason to go off the rails.

Work continues--workish. It's still tricky to stare at a computer screen for too many hours, so I haven't done more than 3 or 4 hours at a sitting so far. It's been enough to almost keep up. (My vision will improve dramatically after today, I'm told, when I no longer have to use the anti-inflammatory or antibiotic drops.)

Today I have two major projects to accomplish--checking one account I handle for another agency and a consultation call with another guy I could not get rid of and who I am, in consequence of not being in the mood, once again charging $100/hour for the privilege. (There's something wrong with the grammar there but it's hard enough to get my fingers on the right keys this week. Expecting me to be able to think is just unreasonable.)

Are y'all enjoying the grotesquely cold weather we sent your way? We didn't enjoy it when it was on our doorstep. Highs for the last couple of days have been in the mid-40s, which has been feeling positively balmy compared to last week's temps. I've been trying to walk in the afternoons, when the air is warmest, just to bask in it. If I can get through enough work this morning, I'm walking to Whole Foods (turkey and olives) and/or Target (eye drops and a humidifier filter) this afternoon.

If I get really ambitious, I might drive to the bank--I have checks I need to deposit. I ran my checking account very close to the edge with that $4k+ check I wrote for the lasik this week.

There's some kind of long-term weather forecast rumor that another arctic cold front is going to move in on us around the 21st of this month. Must remember to stock up on the basic necessities (coffee!) before then.

Today's the day Gidget leaves town. Sigh. The house sale closes today--she's already packed and they are leaving for Tx today. I don't mind to go visit my friends if they live elsewhere, but I do wish she was going to be living in an elsewhere that I wanted to visit.

I did try on my G^^gle Glass, just to see if it was going to work with my post-surgery vision and it will. Now all I need is to go back through the training vids so I remember how to use it.

I had a Mysterious Rash on my scalp--I don't think I remembered to mention that before? Came on in September and in spite of most of a tube of cortisone cream, continued to drive me bonkers for months. About a week ago,I finally got around to doing an intense search of teh internets, which provided me with the information that I might be developing an allergy to the sulfites used in commercial shampoos. I bought a tester size of a on-sulfite shampoo and voila! It's been a week and I'm almost rash-free. (One tiny spot left in the area where it was most severe.) That's a relief--my fear was that I was becoming allergic to the hair dye I've been having applied since I was 22 and that I'd have to let my hair go to my natural color which is, by now, completely gray.

And now I'm going to stop because while 2x reading glasses do help, it's too hard to read what I'm typing and I need to save my eyes for productive work.

Hope your holidays were bright, those of you who have already had yours. For those of you whose holidays are still imminent, I hope you're having fun getting ready!

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