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December 01, 2013

More of Me Being Me

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all and happy Chanukah (Hanukkah) where appropriate.

Update on eyeballs: I am a good candidate for both surgeries--the one that takes months to recover from and the one where you can see again later that same day. Guess which one I selected?

I'm seeing my opthamologist again on Wednesday for the final-final pre-test and then the surgery itself is scheduled for Monday morning, Dec 9. Although snow is predicted for the day I have to drive 20 miles to for the final-final, so far the forecast is promising no winter weather conditions on the actual surgery day.

The painful transfer of 80% of my savings to my checking account happened on Friday.

I need to start putting money back in as soon as possible. It makes me--uneasy, not to have some kind of emergency "pad" these days. (I mean, sure, I could always start cashing out 401k accounts, but that's really a last resort sort of move.)


Eating: I did not overeat on Thanksgiving. The idea of committing gluttony just because of a date on the calendar--I don't know. It doesn't have the same kind of appeal it did 20 years ago.

Possibly I'm getting too disconnected from the whole holiday spirit thing.

Shopping: I haven't spent money so far this weekend. The biggest shopping season of the year and I haven't found a reason to buy anything beyond a bit of (diet) food. We went to a local art supply store, a favorite destination, where I was allowed to buy nothing :( because everything that I saw and loved was something I already owned.

Decorating: I'm more in tune with the rest of the country here. I did go & get the decorations out of storage and plan to put everything in place later today.

Fun: I haven't lacked for Holiday Fun so far, thanks to the R.C., who came up with a non-caloric way of creating "gingerbread houses" for seasonal decor.

Granted, these were actually foam kits designed as projects for kids, but we spent an amusing 3 hours (each) on Thursday afternoon, smushing foam pieces into foam slots. I think the results are festive.

Other than that, I've been working each day as normal. When you're in advertising, you can't take holiday shopping weekends off.

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