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October 20, 2013

I Did Make It Back

I post so irregularly any more that you probably knew that, but I thought I'd confirm it.

The trip went--well. I guess.

Before I left, The R.C. read me my horoscope for the week and it threatened me with enormous popularity and success. As happens from time to time, this forecast was accurate. I was hugged, air-kissed, hand-shaked, consulted, listened to, photographed, videoed, and I don't know what-all.

Me, being me, I found it exhausting and not a little weird. I'm much more comfortable sitting alone in my office, belittling myself for the things I should know but don't than I am being publicly recognized, even as part of a group, for being outstanding, you know? (Anyhow, the recognition for Outstandingness was not around my actual work skills but around my willingness to donate time to a volunteer thing.)

On the other hand, I got to play with toys, I was given presents, I was fed really great food, I had the chance to buy myself even better food (a 10 oz lobster tail), and on my fourth visit to SF I finally managed to see at least a bit of the city.

So. Up side.

Also, there was booze, but that's more of a Social Obligation than a pleasure, at least for me. I didn't drink a lot but I hung out in the bar with the guys most every evening, so call it a couple of beers a day. And, speaking of the guys, I did get to spend a lot of time with some of the people I most like and respect in my field, which was, of course, the point of the entire trip.

Aside from that, a lot of it is a blur of exhaustion in my mind.

On the good news front, I did not pick up any weird germs or cooties in the airport on the way home, so Big Win there. I mean, I couldn't talk for three days after I got home, but that was just because I'd overused my voice.

But! Then the pictures started to come in and with each new one I was appalled afresh by how much weight I put on this last year when I was trying (and failing) to quit smoking. I put myself back on a diet and have lost 4-1/2 pounds so far. I have a ways to go, but it's a start. :::shudder:::

Since then? Well, I had to take a recertification exam last week and got the lowest score I've ever gotten on one of these. (It was my 5th or 6th one.) I passed, but it's still humiliating to think of the score.

For reasons that are too complicated to go into, I have to take two more exams, linked to a different email address. I'm going to go against my principles this time :) and actually review the study material. I'm good with what I know, but these are complicated programs and there are some bits I haven't really used--those are the ones that tripped me up on the last exam.

Really, that's about it. I traveled for a week, came home and have been trying to get back on schedule with all my work since then. I came up with some new ideas and plans during the trip and am still trying to organize my thoughts around if and how I can implement any of them.

posted by AnneZook on 10.20.13 at 11:26 AM


You asked about the Hanukkah/Thanksgiving thing: According to the various and sundry articles I've seen, this is the first overlap between the holidays since 1888, and the last one for anywhere from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand years, depending on who you believe.

Glad it was a good trip! I'm having a disastrous semester, but trying to dig out of the hole this weekend/week/month.... I switched a class to online at the last minute (we had a desperate shortage of online class 'seats') and I'm paying a heavy price for it in preparation, which has clobbered my ability to grade in a timely fashion.

posted by: Jonathan Dresner on 10.20.13 at 01:58 PM [permalink]


A lot of stress around getting lessons/grading done on an unexpected schedule, yes, but "disastrous" makes it sound--I don't know. Like I should be sending you, I know know, flowers, maybe? A TA? Sympathy, anyhow!

Thanks for researching the holiday (well--Thanksgiving isn't really a "holy day" but in the US, it's a holiday) overlap. I didn't think I could remember that ever happening before.

posted by: Anne on 10.21.13 at 12:41 PM [permalink]

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