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September 29, 2013


So, I'm leaving town later today for a long business trip. (Well, half business, half "bonding" with colleagues.) I'll be back home next Sunday evening.

It's generous of Webstrainer to put on these conferences and pay for us to attend but at the moment, facing the dilemma of how to stuff seven days worth of stuff into a suitcase I won't be embarrassed to be seen hauling around is making my sunny Sunday less amusing than it would be otherwise.

The clothes aren't even the problem. Thanks to judicious shopping (and the R.C.'s discovery of the Magic Non-Wrinkling Trouser Brand) I can stuff a week's worth of clothes into a fairly small space. Shoes are a bigger problem but still achievable.

It's really the toiletries causing me problems. The older I get, the more lotions, potions, and magic paint it takes to get me through a day of being seen by the public. My normal workday any more consists of me sitting around in a baggy tee-shirt and a pair of shorts. Visuals are irrelevant--all that matters is whether or not my brain is functioning. For the coming week, my brain is less important than how I present myself. I hate that.

I'm testing the suitcase now--trying to decide if I need to go over to the storage unit and get the Mighty Big Suitcase out of hiding. I have two pair of shoes and my underthings in this one so far and it's over half full. Not a promising start.

I yearn for days past when I could toss in a couple of pairs of jeans and a couple of polo shirts and know I'd look just fine.

Wish me luck.

posted by AnneZook on 09.29.13 at 10:50 AM


Is this the trip that might bring you to my neck of the woods? You know where I am if you have time to meet up, and no worries if the time is too crowded to manage it.

posted by: Dail on 09.29.13 at 05:15 PM [permalink]

Yep, it's that trip.

I really wish I could have time to see you but I'm booked up until sometime Saturday evening and then I fly out Sunday morning. It's a long trip (for me) and I'm going to be pretty worn out by the end of it.

I'll have to impose on you :) some other time!

posted by: Anne on 09.29.13 at 08:31 PM [permalink]

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