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June 12, 2013

Denver's Burning

Okay, maybe not the whole city, but you'd never know it by the thick pall of smoke in the air.

The city has seen two or three smallish fires in the last week or so--apartments or houses or restaurants that have caught on fire for one reason or another, but the primary source of the gray haze would be the multiple forest fires burning around the state. One of them is in Black Forest, south of Denver, and today's prevailing wind is from the south, so, haze.

This morning was the monthly conference call with the Vela Client of Aggravating Me. Wouldn't you know when I'm right on the verge of kicking them to the curb, this month they were all sweetness and love and what a wonderful job we're doing. Hmph.

I've been waiting days to walk to the pharmacy to get my prescription refill but apparently it's never again going to be less than 99 degrees*, so today I drove. It feels amazingly slothful to get in the car and drive somewhere that's barely more than a mile away but I am extraordinarilly heat-intolerant and I've had heat stroke in my life (more than once) and didn't have so much fun with it that I want to repeat the experience.

While I was out, I finally took the housewarming gift for the L-i-K-S (the one that's been sitting in my bedroom floor for two months) to the post office and got it sent. I feel virtuous about that, regardless of being months and months late getting around to it.

The Uninteresting Industry client I mentioned getting a nibble from (back early in March) has returned and appears to be serious about doing business. I am reluctantly allowing myself to be persuaded to take on one more very time-intensive account. Sigh.

Don't let the fact that I'm sitting here, blogging, fool you. I've been very productive today--tore through a lot of work and have quite a few creative ideas for what to try next if today's ideas don't pan out.

I just thought I'd post an update. It's hot. I'm working. New client on the horizon. Different day, same stuff.

P.S. But! I forgot to say that on Monday evening, I finally got back over to the electronics store to get a second monitor for my new computer and now I can actually see all of the things I want to see at once. (I would not have believed a day would come when one 23" monitor was insufficient for my needs.)


* Yesterday's high broke a record set before I was born. And it's early June. Does not bode well for the rest of the summer, does it?

posted by AnneZook on 06.12.13 at 03:50 PM


We've had a really cool spring: at the farmer's market they're complaining about how slowly stuff's maturing. But summer's here now, just in time for Max's first scout-camp-without-parent.

I had my usual collapse-panic-write-conference start to the summer, now I'm playing catchup on a relatively new professional obligation that is driving me more than a little crazy, because it's been handed off to me with very little real training and with some huge liabilities.

Tonight my mother called to talk about plans for the High Holy Days, and I have to admit that my first reaction was "are you kidding me?" But cheap plane fares wait for no man...

posted by: Jonathan Dresner on 06.12.13 at 09:34 PM [permalink]

I've been watching the weather/news, and it looks nasty with the fire up there. Black Forest is where Meg used to live, right? Such a pretty area, not good to burn it. I hope the cities stay safe.

And the hot weather! I've been watching that, too, and thinking how nice it is not to be living in Southern Nevada any more...

posted by: Dail on 06.13.13 at 02:34 PM [permalink]

How did the conferences go, Jonathan? Anything cool happen at any of them?

Kansas summers are why I left Kansas. :)

@Dail - Yes, Black Forest is where Meg lived. Don't know if her old house survived or not--the fire's not out yet and they're saying 400+ houses were destroyed. :(

posted by: Anne on 06.18.13 at 10:21 AM [permalink]

Once, I was in a car with some others with a frneid at the wheel, one of 17 siblings born and raised in Brooklyn, who insisted on backing up the wrong way up one of the Avenues on the East Side in the 50s in order to get a parking spot (the light was changing, it was, well, somewhat clear). A completely fearless NY driver. He is known for relying on the rosary (like many NY tough guys, cops, firefighters, etc) in all things, confidently asserting its protection. For my part I just white-knuckled it until we were safely in the spot.

posted by: Dayancitha on 08.03.13 at 07:11 AM [permalink]

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